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Blog » August 2017 » Bongos and the Art of “Getting It”

Bongos and the Art of “Getting It”

One of my very best career mentors once advised me: “people need to know when they are doing a good job.” As an Occupational Therapist I feel this when a patient says to me “You really get it, don’t you?” 

If they know I “get it” it then I feel I am doing a good job. “Getting it” in OT (and other Health disciplines, I’m sure) means the patient feels:

  • They have been listened to
  • They have been asked the right questions in the first place
  • That what they want is important to you too
  • Confident you know your science (as well as your people stuff) and have experience in your field working with people like them 
  • You are clear on how you are going to advocate for them and their goals
  • They have a good plan in place to move forward


So, what’s that got to do with bongos??

Well this: My youngest son, Rohan, and I took a little cruise together a couple of years ago when he was 8. We did the South Pacific Island thing and did lots of snorkelling and fun stuff and he talked me into buying him the bongo drum (yes – that’s it in the pic). 

Anyway – I declared it in customs and said to the Customs Inspector (female, about my age) “Is that OK to bring in?” She said (with a smile) “It is, but I can still confiscate it if you want me to.” She “got me” and it was a moment of complete understanding and it was beautiful!

And I thought about it (hard!) and had a good laugh but we kept the bongos…



Posted: 2/08/2017 10:34:40 AM by Kate Walker
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