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For Medical & Health Professionals

Driver License Assessment

If their medical condition resolves, or if their suspension period has passed, you may either reinstate their licence or request an Occupational Therapist Driving Assessment.

There are many advantages of referring to a Driver Trained Occupational Therapist (DTOT) for assessment:

  • Your patient will be thoroughly assessed. I spend 2 hours with them off-road, during which I assess their biomechanics (strength and ROM), proprioception and kinaesthesia, cognition, extensive vision screening and also a road knowledge check. I then take them on road for an hour, with a Rehab Driving Instructor, for a full practical assessment.
  • I advise them of the result of the assessment immediately at the completion of the assessment. Whatever the result. GPs, and family members, tell me that this is one of the biggest advantage of having me do the assessment – I deliver any bad news, thus preserving relationships within the family and with the treating GP. It is very important to me I deliver all assessment results compassionately, yet always honestly.
  • If the assessments results in a licence cancellation, I call the referring Doctor immediately. In my experience Doctors much prefer not being surprised at the patient’s next appointment!
  • One of four things will happen when they see a DTOT – they retain (or obtain) their full (unconditional) licence OR they get a drivers licence with one or more conditions OR I will recommend modifications and/or lessons and further assessment OR I will recommend cancellation of their licence. Either way, I give them the news, based on clinical evidence.
  • I discuss alternatives to driving if appropriate.
  • I send my full report to the RMS, referring Doctor and the patient within 48 hours.
  • Should they require modifications to their vehicle in order to be able to drive safely (for example hand controls) I  guide them through this process and liaise with certified vehicle modifiers.

I tell every single person I see for DTOT Assessment that I will be doing my absolute best to get them on the road/keep them on the road. If I cannot get them there, it will be because the effects of their medical condition means they are now unable to drive safely.

I have found that even if I have to cancel a licence, the person generally accepts it better if they know they have been given every chance to succeed and treated fairly in the process.

I do need a copy of the Medical Report Form, or a referral with Patient Health Summary prior to seeing the patient.

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Driver Assessments

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I treat people fairly in this process, whatever the outcome.